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News and Current Affair intros from the majority of Australian bulletins. There are a few missing that I wasn’t able [More]
Behind the scenes with Perth’s rescue chopper.
With Emmy Kubainski and Blake Johnson
With Susannah Carr, Blake Johnson and Rick Ardon
Gooseberry Hill Fire- Part 2, reporter Grant Taylor
With Rick Arden, Alexis Donkin and Susannah Carr
With Rick Ardon, Susannah Carr, David Cooper and Natalia Cooper
Seven News Presenter Susannah Carr reports on Senior Reporter Geof Parry’s heart bypass surgery and Geof’s warning to men not [More]
This is a Seven News opener and closer from Perth. Quality is not the best… With Samantha Jolly
With Rick Ardon, Susannah Carr, Jessica Vanderende, Erin Edwards, Samantha Jolly, Geof Parry, Mark Riley, Sally Bowrey, Blake Johnson and [More]
With Rick Ardon, Blake Johnson and Emmy Kubainski