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The Way Of The Water: The River Niger is the lifeblood of Mali and the Inner Niger Delta the country’s [More]
Weighing Up Prosperity: Qatar has piled on the pounds in recent years – but as the economy grows, so do [More]
Shell Oil Company made Climate of Concern in 1991 as a warning against the dangers of climate change; then they [More]
Abortion law in El Salvador recognises no distinction between intentional abortion and unintentional miscarriage, applying jail sentences to both. SBS [More]
India’s Beautiful Minds: IQ society Mensa is searching for impoverished child geniuses in India’s slums. Gifted children with genius level [More]
Hugo Chavez launched a socialist revolution in 1998, but under his successor, Nicolas Maduro, the oil-rich country has become a [More]
Jürgen Todenhöfer, author of Ten Days in the Islamic State, is the only journalist ever to be granted firsthand access [More]
Sold Children – Albania. An astonishing number of children are going missing in Albania, most likely sold for prostitution, adoption, [More]
Syria’s War Drug: A look inside production of Captagon, the powerful amphetamine being used by soldiers in Syria. How Assad [More]
Toxic Linfen (2012): Welcome to the dirtiest place on Earth! Breathing the air in Linfen in China for a day [More]
Afghan Warlords (2009): Despite shady pasts, powerful warlords are given recognition from Washington in return for their support fighting drug-traffickers [More]
Generation Z (2015): Along the US-Mexico border, the violent cartel gang ‘The Zetas’ are increasingly recruiting children. This report investigates [More]
Twitter Revolution (2009): Iranian activists are using the internet to voice their discontent, but now the government is fighting back. [More]
Project Loon: For the past few years, developers have been working on providing internet to the most rural and remote [More]
Their names are George, Inge, Jo, Sepp, Paula, Walo, Anita, Klaus and Klaus. They were acolytes, pupils, wards, and foster [More]
With Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak having been released after six years in detention, we revisit our 2011 short on the Tahrir [More]
Attack of the Drones – USA: With the ability to move together in swarms, dance, throw and catch, and soon [More]
EU delays next 12 billion Greek bailout To see more go to www.youtube.com/user/journeymanpictures Follow us on Facebook (goo.gl/YRw42) or Twitter [More]
In the Arizona desert, a group of highly armed men are on the alert. With no official recognition, they are [More]