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sean spicer press conference briefing today 5/15/2017 Sean Spicer gets GRILLED with Trump James Comey leak tapes of their conversations [More]
trey gowdy takes out mr silver for hiding information from congress original broadcast date: 4/25/16
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He was questioned by Trey Gowdy on March 10 then he resigned his post on March 26 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafael_Moure-Eraso In March [More]
jason chaffetz goes full chaffetz mode on panel of stooges follow on twitter! twitter.com/AmicusGenerisYT Channel Merchandise Has Arrived! Trey Gowdy [More]
NEW! “You Spent $9,000,000 On A Report That Doesn’t Exist” Jason Chaffetz Crushes DoD Twerp Original air date: 3/21/ 2017 [More]
“Give Us A Special Prosecutor” Sean Spicer Exchange Over Trump Firing FBI James Comey press secretary sean spicer delivers a [More]
trey gowdy does not like when people lose or destroy emails on purpose gives him the smackdown. Trey Gowdy Crushes [More]
If you would like to support me so i can keep bringing you awesome videos you can do so here [More]
Channel Merchandise Has Arrived! Trey Gowdy Hoody & Tshirts If you want to support me and grab merch you can [More]
Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders CONFRONTED with Trump firing James Comey Russia Questions 5/10/2017 video subscribe for more other topics and [More]
NEW! “You Spent $9,000,000 On A Report That Doesn’t Exist” Jason Chaffetz Crushes DoD Twerp Original air date: 3/21/ 2017 [More]
Sarah Sanders Explains Why Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey sarah sanders explains why president donald trump fired james comey [More]
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