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we did it boys! the uncuckening! we uncucked the cucks 4 years of donald trump and taking back our country [More]
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Jason Chaffetz Finds Out GSA Spent Millions On A Website That Doesn’t Even Exist results.gov check it out a real [More]
“It’s Okay For You To Cite Sources But Not Trump” Sean Spicer Slams CBS Reporter sean spicer press conference at [More]
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“I Think It’s Time For A Split” Jason Chaffetz Roasts 9th Circuit Judge on Injunctions Against Trump this judge specifically [More]
“You Read Fake News” President Trump DESTROYS Disrespectful Reporter president donald trump held a press conference with merkel fox news [More]
If you would like to support me so i can keep bringing you awesome videos you can do so here [More]
If you would like to support me so i can keep bringing you awesome videos you can do so here [More]
mike pompeo proves that hillary clinton lied under oath follow on twitter twitter.com/AmicusGenerisYT Channel Merchandise Has Arrived! Trey Gowdy Hoody [More]
NEW!! “What Evidence Does Trump Have That Obama Wiretapped Him” Sean Spicer Destroys ABC Reporter original air date: 3/7/2017 sean [More]
Sean Spicer vs CNN Reporter Jim Acosta on Obama Wiretapping Trump Towers situation! original air date: 3/7/2017 sean spicer press [More]
Liberal Reporter Gets Owned On Trump’s Travel Ban state department owns liberal reporter on trump’s travel ban original air date: [More]
#teamtinydancer Factoid: The word ‘Palestine’ refers to the area referenced as The British Mandate for Palestine. *************************************Please Donate Monthly************************************** All [More]
Expand your vocabulary and learn how to say new words: www.dictionaryvoice.com/How_To_Pronounce_Amicus_Humani_Gene_Rises.html Please leave a Like, a Comment, and Share. Bookmark [More]
These videos are for the Fans of Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz and NOT NECESSARILY BE THE LATEST, but relevant [More]