WOW: Billboard in Downtown Phoenix Shows President Donald Trump with Swastikas (FNN)

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Brought to you by Desert Diamond:
Trump billboard in downtown Phoenix on 3/17/17.


Pistol Skywalker says:

but I believe if you can punish someone who makes a threat to the President with speech, why can't this fall under that law ? NAZI Germany all over again

DC says:

Totally disrespectful! This artist has managed to insult not one but two. My daughter is deaf and I am hard of hearing, sign language is the language of the deaf. The deaf have a lot of pride for their language. Her dragging them into her trash art is a perfect example of a narcissistic. She is not an artist, she is a shock value, attention seeking, extremist. As far as President Trump, she doesn't have to like the man, but be a civil human being, show at least an iota of respect, if not for her President then for her country. If not for her country then for herself!

Pistol Skywalker says:

thanks to Pure wild Spirit
A Repost
You will never be right. None of the lies your side puts out will never become the truth. And your Billboard, will not make it true either.

bobby probert says:

What's the big problem trump supporters? Eric Trump said the Trump Family likes having their family Name on everything so why not a billboard.

Vincent Ferrigno says:

Only put up by these demonic devil loving idiots that are so jealous because President Trump won in landslide and Merkel don't really want to agree with him on the fight against ISIS…She actually loves the idea of the woman in her country getting raped…

Aaron Moran says:

The lady who made this billboard should be ashamed of herself, it isn't clever. This is something I would have drawn in like grade 10 as a joke. The mushroom clouds are also clown faces and Trump has a Russian flag on his suit. Oh my God you are so edgy… We get it, you wanted Hillary to win. Sit down and shut the fack up unless you have something intelligent to say.

ShoeniceDeletedVideosX28 says:

This billboard perfectly captures the existential threat that the Insane Clown President is to our country.

ky ivy says:

I think Libtards like this are lost and wake up every day bitter and angry and can't stop obsessing over Our Amazing New President Donald J Trump.

Old Fokker says:

How do those immature yellow-snow flakes, get away with sedition, to the point of treason. Where are the senators with the courage to tell their parties, "Enough already". Grow up For foksakes.

ibrake4rappers says:

i love all the butt hurt trump supporters saying this should be taken down lol guess what its freedom of speech all of you are fake conservatives. God forbid someone make fun of your daddy trump

Byrd Well says:

the snowflakes are unhinged & disguisting

Melburys Brick says:

It captures Donnochio perfectly, (perhaps a bigger nose?) This image should adorn his wall/fence should it ever be built.

Farnham Chatsworth III says:

These people are batsh!t crazy. Trump is living rent free in their heads.

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