WATCH: President Trump Air Force One Heads To Charleston, South Carolina

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Brought to you by Desert Diamond:


Dr Dread says:

Always great when a President R E S P E C T S the military

Helene Shaw says:


Mister Twism says:

gold digging illegal model mia

Mister Twism says:

grabbing onboard of

Alfa Gama says:

I simply love this plane

IreneC Coleman says:

He's only been in a few weeks and is doing more than other presidents did in their first year. So glad he won!

LegendLength says:

Those support choppers have missiles or guns on them?

Vicious Bigot says:

Thank God for President Trump!

Eric Sjursen says:

A great leader who actually loves America! Thank God for giving us Donald Trump as our
President. May God Bless you always! God Bless Rush Limbaugh too!!

M Con says:

He walks and moves like a young man. Pretty spry for someone who is almost 71.

Tpo News says:

Kick #FakeNews media out of that plane!

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