Trump Considers Slashing U.S. Funding to U.N. Amid Warnings of Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII

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Close – The Trump administration is seeking billions of dollars in cuts in funding to the United Nations, even as the United Nations warns that the world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War, and seeks $4.4 billion in additional funding by July to avert famine in Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and South Sudan. For more, we speak with Joel Charny, director of the Norwegian Refugee Council USA.

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Thomas McCullough says:

Some of you people on here are really fucking disgusting with your comments! You all deserve Donald Trump and all this piece of shit of a human being president is going to bring!

Chuck Bailey says:

well this woman shouldn't have nine children if she can't take care on them I have two kids when the second one was born we still had the same standard of living as when I had one kid. If I have a third kid my family s standard of living would have to decrease there for I am not going to have any more kids!

Razx MNazx says:

oh incase i didnt mention earliier [dont hate there are many hills on this field]
fuck the saudis too
i probably spelled that wrong
sue me bitches

TheRetiredtrucker says:

If you lefties feel so strongly, dip into your wallet and pay OUT OF YOUR POCKET for UN funding

The UN constantly votes against America's interests, let another country (or group of countries) pay their fair share. America (who pays over 20% of the UN's funding) has been getting ripped off since the 40's

Heart2HeartBooks says:

Ertharin looks like she is well fed! More like a fucking cow.

Heart2HeartBooks says:

To the world food program……One word…………CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afi James says:

good fuck the United nations

lilbeserk says:

America cannot pay for the rest of the world's misery. Call the Chinese or Norwegians for funding. The world is already overpopulated.

fhwuifhoqiuwefh qweoifuhqwf says:

The reason there's millions of starving Africans is because you communist idiots got our government to give them too much food, which caused them to overbreed. Africans overbreed because they rape women and they don't care if these women get pregnant. So if you give them more food right now, it'll just mean more starving Africans in the future. And when these Africans come to Europe and America, they beat, rob, and rape white people and they are useless in the job market. I say cut the bullshit right now and stop all aid to Africa. Fuck all you libtard communist idiot motherfuckers.

LeftistsAreJustWeakPeople says:

The UN shouldn't even exist. As far as I'm concerned, the less funding it receives the better.

Diane Fitzpatrick says:

War has always had the strategy of bombing, than starvation, this has been historically repeated…

AR15fan says:

CUT off everything from the U.N.

Chuck Bailey says:

nobody gives a s*** about these people on the other side of the world when they're having trouble feeding their own their own families

Chuck Bailey says:

the solution to this is called genocide

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