Top U.S. & World Headlines — March 15, 2017

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Angel Dominguez-Hughes says:


Angel Dominguez-Hughes says:


TheTTBT says:

Incited by a campaign, of and for these pricks,
Reverse the shackle for these unelected picks

Guadalupe Esquivel says:

We need to see this man for who he is.

clarissa reid says:

Yeah, looking for that gold trim around the flag of what United States they are representing –

Buffalo spirit says:

Yes Trump is a crook.

crsp76691 says:

Lying paul ryan is horrible! I hope his shitty health care plan passes, so they see the true fraud he and it are!

crsp76691 says:

We need true universal health care! I hope the republican plan passes, so people will finally realize repubs are out to screw them. And in place help the wealthy oil and defense interests! Hello wake up rural america!

Lion Tribe says:

you guys steak MSN

K Bee says:

Is there a difference between a tap and servielence?

Savanna Jane says:

Isn't this all the Republicans and Democrats have done in the many decades. Ignore the calls of the citizens for protection under the Rule of Law, while they pursue and chase one another in constant investigation, hoping that the other comes out looking better? Isn't this where the Tax payers dollars gets exploited? Does it really matter about the truth of any investigations in these political times? Whom would protect the American people now? Our laws, certainly have not been allowed to be exercised, has it? Is it time we as a nation stop pretending we have laws which are exercised accordingly by dutiful and obligated leaders?

nujackswing says:

They Tell You To Eat Cake When You Have No Bread. 24 percent tax is Unfair to the Wealthy. They Want Everything & So They Plunder But Will Never Respect The Lives of Indigenous Who Kept America in Pristine Condition. So Many Has Come & Became Rich.. Now You Have to Fight for Clean Air & Water. When Will it End. Love Self Protect Life. Peace.!!!

sherman Merman says:

Amy stop the swallowing up against the mic pls thanks. Love ya

BigDreamer1957 says:

whats the point?

Rachel Golem says:

Hopefully, Russia will bomb Libya into oblivion.

Rachel Golem says:

Everything Arabs do that you don't like is the fault of white people who have never been there!!!!!

Ken Bone says:

I love how Amy nearly laughed when talking about Trump's statement on the tax returns.

jordans123ful says:

Why does the white man hate the dark?…

He can't find the light.

Jesus Rivera says:

Sen. Gillibrand, it's totally unecessary to invoke the spectre of the Russian boogeyman in order to wipe out the misogyny running rampant in the US military.

freedom1234573 says:

paul ryan would look great with just little bit of lead in him…

asowrga says:

Is there any part of our govt that isn't corrupt?

Will Herb TheRealWill816 says:

i just wanted to point out that the surgeon's name was Mufasa. anyways, we all hate trump

Charge0Complete says:

When did hookers become "sex workers"….so the guy who sells me weed I can call my "doctor?"

Nancy Mesek says:

I'm willing to bet trump (John Barron) leaked his taxes and the tape on Ryan.

Moshe Atencio Ben ABBA Ben ABBA says:

A.H.C.A.(Obama Care) is dead, along with that thousands of "We The People" will be murdered. Say goodbye to you're family members that we love Dearly. Putin knows how to murder Americans, from within.

Leslie Sinclair says:

I love Democracy Now. However, I believe the two stories at the end deserved a lot more time then they received. 30,000 military officers participated in sharing sexually explicit pictures of female officers. It doesn't say how the photos were obtained or whether or not the females were aware. I thought military men were supposed to have some degree of honor. How is it honorable to encourage raping the women and sharing pictures of their nude bodies with 30,000 men?

Trump's rhetoric has energized racists, he has incited hate crimes, and set an example for people like Congressman Steve King. Hate crimes were up 20%? Who are some of the victims impacted? What was the impact? America is supposedly a melting pot of diversity. Yet, U.S. Representatives, members of Trump's Administration, and Trump himself freely express White Supremacist rhetoric. White Supremacist are going to work against my best interests. So, POC have taxation without representation. I'm appalled the White House is practicing overt racism of the pre civil rights movement south, and doing it with impunity.

These 2 stories together received 1 minute 30 seconds at the very end of today's headlines. That's after Trump's 2005 taxes, Trumps unsubstantiated tweets alleging wiretapping, a recording of Paul Ryan during the campaign refusing to support Trump. How is that more important than 30,000 military officers violating their female coworkers, some encouraging rape, and the President inciting hate crimes against over 1000 individuals?

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