From Lobbyists to Reality Show Stars, Meet the Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Quietly Installed

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Close – ProPublica’s Justin Elliott has been looking into the hundreds of officials Trump has quietly installed across the government. He describes the backgrounds of these officials in a recent piece for ProPublica: “A Trump campaign aide who argues that Democrats committed ‘ethnic cleansing’ in a plot to ‘liquidate’ the white working class. A former reality show contestant whose study of societal collapse inspired him to invent a bow-and-arrow-cum-survivalist multi-tool. A pair of healthcare industry lobbyists. A lobbyist for defense contractors. An ‘evangelist’ and lobbyist for Palantir, the Silicon Valley company with close ties to intelligence agencies. And a New Hampshire Trump supporter who has only recently graduated from high school.”

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Corinne Yaworski says:

What about the people who need HIV meds??

Raymond Nemoede says:

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noviceprepper53 says:

are his hiring practices different than previous administrations?

Homa Monfared says:

Wealthcare is correct.

moto2kx2 says:

Can't help to think how Clinton/banksters and Obama have put people, policies in place and failed to prosecute war criminals and the banksters all of which the end result was it decimated the middle class. BE CAREFUL DN about partisan one sided views you seem all too willing to take just as you took SOROS money….Sometimes there is a glimmer of truth in the wacko conspiracy views people have…not that I follow people like alex jones etc…

Lucy Leo says:

Trumps logo should read "Keep them dumb …….Great Again"

langer three says:

What a shocker that a known conman has not kept his word! Who would have predicted such a thing?

David Myers says:

There is no opposition party we got the Trumptards for 8 years. And we thought the Bush era was bad.

occupynewparadigm says:

Bannon already said they are putting these officials in to deconstruct the administrative state. They are going to completely deregulate FIRE and the environment. They aim to accomplish the conservative wishlist of the last 40+ years. There is literally nothing we can do about it from a political perspective. Soon they will criminalize all protest all dissent.

B6 schilke says:

The cesspool gets deeper! Release your taxes orange turd

Liza Tanzawa says:

I feel nauseous…

gridsleep says:

Palantir… Why would a company name itself after the crystal Sauron used to infect and corrupt Saruman into helping destroy the world? Do these people actually enjoy being evil? Do they get a kick out of it?

Adam A says:

Amy Goodman is a hero!

Adam A says:

oh my… quite a circus this administration is.

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