FNN: President Trump & German Chancellor Angela Merkel Photo Opp in Oval Office – No Handshake?

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(AP) President Donald Trump’s first meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel produced a slightly awkward moment when the president didn’t shake the German leader’s hand in front of photographers in the Oval Office.

Trump told photographers to “send a good picture back to Germany, please.” He said the leaders had had “very good” talks so far, while Merkel praised the “friendly reception.”

Photographers then shouted “handshake!” Merkel quietly asked Trump “do you want to have a handshake?”

There was no response from the president, who looked ahead with his hands clasped.

German weekly Der Spiegel commented that “the overall impression of this meeting was rather cool.” German daily Bild wrote on its website: “Trump didn’t want to give Merkel his hand in his office!”

Trump had earlier welcomed Merkel with a handshake. The two leaders later held a news conference.


Game Xiaoyao says:

Good! Love Trump!

C Cartoons says:

Oh! Get ready for the gate comments from both sides.

Dendir Zeberga says:

A lovely lady and Evil man.

Fritz Schulz says:

Trump doesn't shake handof Merkel, but would happily kiss Putin's ass.

The Benjamin Banks says:

I didnt see her try to shake his hand how does he refuse to shake her hand when she never put her hand out to shake? Stupid lying media.

Pitergamer30 says:


bob smith says:

US has a leader, germany has a traitor

Felipe Jr. says:

Great president!!!

Spooky24 says:

He was afraid of he might rip of her arm

Tom Rukos says:

Why would Trump shake hands with a person that destroyed the German people and culture? She talks about "values" but what are they for the west now? Britain left these "values" and said hell no and joined with Trump to recreate the new West. Merkel brought in ONE MILLION+ REFUGEES. INSANITY! Terror attacks every day and people aren't assimilating!

Eric smrtmrn says:

I love this man.

Elijah Shabazz says:

Shes basically responsible for all the Muslim rapes happening in Europe right now and a lot more destruction and nonsense. Donald Trump talked about that bs before, he Strongly disagrees. Why would he shake hands with somebody he don't like.

PezX Candy says:

he humiliated her so bad but she deserves it.

PezX Candy says:

Man, he is tough.

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