David Icke – SHOCKING NASA 2017

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Jason Kaushik says:

You are giving too much credit to the human race. There's no grand scheme. For the most part no one really care beyond 2-3 generations ahead. We have a long way to evolve before being capable of such design.

mark woods says:

If the moon wasn't there then all the water in the oceans would become stagnate. thats just one example. we need the moon. How can people be so ignorant and believe the earth is flat? How can people believe that chem trails are not real. Get off Facebook go outside and look up.

Dr Perviz A Reshi says:

DAVID I invite you to Islam and feel You have great talent and it can be of great benefit to millions. I wish people like you someday tried to explain islam ans quran to people. Sir I love you and you are invited to Islam.

Victor Villarreal says:

on March 15 2017 the sun and moon was at the same place at the same time just going the opposite direction I point my left hand towards the east my right hand towards the West 3:30 p.m. the sun was above my right then I turned around and pointed my left hand to the West in my right hand to the east the moon was just above my right at 3:30 p.m. on March 15th 2017 same place same time different direction

Victor Villarreal says:

where was the sun and the moon sitting on March 15 2017 at 3:30pm the earth is flat LOOK IN TO IT FAST

Bobby Draino says:

HD would make it more conviencing

King Robert says:

Where does Trump fit into all this?

Ron "BaldViking" Mitchell says:

David Icke is a complete crackpot. There are people that have been institutionalized for saying less crazy things.

Iain Mcmillan says:

the 99% should get rid of thy 1% before they can trigger there total take over


how do people actually look at themselves after they leave this shit when he was called out by jesse ventura and the guy bitched up seriously reptile men lol gimmie a dam break put the comic book down mr Icke and step away from the bs meter

MrHawkwind says:

He's a high level Lucifarian, part of the deception.

suzy q says:

LOL. God created the iheavens and the earth. Exaggeration. this is pure nonsense.

O J says:

Fear Mongering!!!!!

Conrad Villarez says:

God created SPHERICAL sun and moon… but the FLAT HEADS created FLAT EARTH in their imaginations…nauseating!

Gerard Vaughan says:

Are you really trying to have yourself written-off as an irrelevant nutter Mr. Icke ? or is Someone paying you extra ? – makes more sense than any of this rant. Pity. So do you drive an Alien spacecraft yet ?

Gerard Vaughan says:

Are you really trying to have yourself written-off as an irrelevant nutter Mr. Icke ? or is Someone paying you extra ? – makes more sense than any of this rant. Pity. So do you drive an Alien spacecraft yet ?

Dave bull says:

what a wanker

Alex Wells says:

matrix baby control frand of control frequency

Alex Wells says:

Mazing rtwat

Sarah Herold says:

Death is part of the natural order .. birth death rebirth


He is wrong. space is real. But I must say NASA lies some times about things and they love to hide things some times. God created all creatures including humans and lot more stuff. It is us who have lack of knowledge.Our knowledge is nothing compare to God. we learn things all the time and keep discovering new things. Every one will know on judgment day when ALLAH will appear to all humans. It does not matter muslims or non muslims. Every one will see HIM then and there will be no way to hide or deny of HIS presence. HE is controlling every thing in order in the whole universe and the life after. He is giveing people chances to sort out their lives until judgment day arrive.There is certainly heaven and hell. Only those people will go to heaven who HE want them. It does not matter muslim or non muslim. HE is watching every thing and every one's actions. It is the waiting game to see who will believe HIM without asking the evidence. Well for simlest answer. What ever we see here from smallest to largest creatures and many other things got complexity within them. It was not created by accident. Every thing big or small working their way around with controlled system. Nothing can exist without someone behind looking after the whole system here and beyond on daily basis. Even in the microscopic life arganisms got their functions set in minute details. all of that is only possible and work because there is some one who is created in first place and then let it work in complex way. Even scientists say that we creat meat from cells artificially. But the truth is even sells are created by God. He gave humen knowledge to try things out and to know how things work. He created this whole universe and world after death from nothing. He created human from single drop of blood. What ever we create things in this world. we create them from sources. They could be microscopic or bigger. We do not create any thing from nothing at all. Anyway! We are only able to create/develop things in to different stages because ALLAH wants to.If he decides nothing gonna work. Then it does not matter how intelligent we are.We will not be able to do things. We stand, walk, see , breath, feel, swallow things etc. Because of HIS kindness to us. So wecan be thankful to HIM. what he given us. Every body has the 100% right what they think and what are their views. But the truth is all these games by terrorists and other things by other people who do not believe ALLAH. Will soon know what is reality and what is not. When people die then person will know. Because the person soul will see things in the other world after death that many people don't know. Science is great to achive things in life and to understand how things work in this world. That is the gift for people and is great to understand stuff and to increase our knowledge. Lot of things are not real we see on the web. Especially when people try to hide the reality. Such as NASA sometimes hide the truth and not revealing every thing. Science is great and in Islam it is encouraged to research things like plants, animals, stars, weather and many more things. So we understand how things work and how coplex the systems are. So we think about our Creator that how HE mange things in trillions or even more numbers. And we appreciate HIS creativity and think about to see our CREATOR one day.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier says:

this kind of explains or even debunks "fate"

nicholascremato says:

How come whenever someone makes any comment, there is some idiot saying "praise jesus, god did it!" or "find jesus he is the only way!" Even on a car video or cute kittens or this video?Keep your imaginary god in your pants!!!  There is no Satan!  Every time you mention Jesus on a cooking video or a government video you make a complete ASS of yourself just like you did in this video!

Rabbagast svingen says:

The moon it,s not natural it is gammal ost

Daniel Hartigan says:

when does he do toy story ?

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