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Sub for more: | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Vice President Mike Pence has the reputation as a calm, mild-mannered behind-the-scenes leader. However on Saturday, after his wife’s privacy had been trampled on by the Associated Press, Pence delivered a blistering public attack on the media organization for publishing his wife’s private email address.

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dflork says:

What a bunch of bullshit from ap, clinton pluggers!!!!!!!

rick payne says:

The AP is a cess pool of vermin just like the rest of the media whores SCUM! No integrity no shame ☠️

Schenk11788 says:

wow he sure gave them a stern finger wagging…

Cyberviper8 says:

Reply to the nasty emails with viruses!

Kathy Campbell Wallace says:

Their actions are unconscionable. Have they no shame or brain? I already know they do not have any manners or care for others. That is plain.

Mr. Nick b says:

A. P. Lying sacks of shit, be careful where you walk!
Mike Pence should sue them for all they've got put this bastards out of business!

Psyko Klown says:

I'm sure the press wouldn't mind if all of their personal email addresses were published.

matilda azzara says:

Sue the AP!!!

matilda azzara says:

The media is disgusting!!!

Abe420 O says:

Will pence sue? I hope so. I'm sick of liberals getting away with everything.

Ouroboros Null says:

Just like when the MSM run a story for a few days that is later proven false.
They retract it on page 20 in small print for 1 day … but the damage is done.
They do this over and over … Wash, rinse, repeat.
Then they whine when they're called #FakeNews. Lol

conservativetothecor says:

wow….smart….hard for roaches to run around in the light…just expose them

Allejulia Reams says:

Menacing left wing politics

beverly a says:

Lets talk about how trump was in bed with putin and now putin is done with trump. Lets hear how many times trump has lied to everyone and is a total disgrace to this country and to humanity. Instead they talk about stupid things instead of the danger trump is putting this country in.

Cheryl Taylor says:

I don't see any teeth in Mrs Pence mouth ohhh well not my business

TheOrganiclady says:

Put a lawsuit against the AP!!! Forget the apology! This is a disgrace!

Jane Jinn says:

Associated Press? Okay, now we know!

Paul Fagan says:

Yes Mr Pence Sue !!!!!! It will help keep the MSM in line so they will be hesitant ofTrampling over everyones right to privacy

Mary Lawson says:

What a cheap shot for Mrs. Pence. Shame they couldn't find out Hillary's emails.

revolutionpm says:

These news groups and celebrities are revealing who and what they are.
They couldn't care less for the people that elected Trump.

Jerry Pelletier says:

Imagine if we treated the Obama's like this….Unbelievable!

YarpwarSongs says:

Bless her heart, she seems such a sweet, unassuming, modest person. I'm glad Pence is defending his wife.

Makein Japan says:

they have no common sense.

Michele Michael says:

The AP should not be let into the White House or any such press events again UNTIL they apologize — plus some time!

Robert Worth says:

All Liberals are like shitty diapers they defintley need to be changed.

Mark smith says:

The AP is owned by the NWO Bankers, they think they are above everything in the world.

Cheryl Powers says:

I wonder what CNN will say, if anything, about this? How can they spin this into Russian hacking? Claim that Mrs. Pence was in league with the Russians to discredit them?

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