The Chainsmokers – Paris (Lyric)

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Lacie DiPietro says:

I am in love with their voices

Joey Valle Mendez says:

You were staing in México lets show that we have papers jejejej

rodney leverston says:

my baby cryed XD!

Hannah Cohn says:

Doesn't this sound like Midnight City by M83???

Nana Kam says:

Awesome song <3

Lien Huynh says:

love the different fonts for each singer n both fonts when they are singing together

Hoai Doan says:

i love this song

Northern Irish Tuber says:

Catalonia has a population of over 10 million… DISLIKE THE VIDEO BARCA FANS

Jada Walden says:

Is the girl singing during 1:421:50 Alexis Ren?

Elm 21 says:

Paris , pour moi c'est la capitale de la France , la ou je suis née, la ville la plus belle du monde votre définition n'est pas appropriée ! Même si c'est de l'anglais j'suis pas d'accord. Je m'en fiche si vous ne comprenez pas un mot de ce que j'ai dis  xD

Andreea Alexandra says:

love this song❤❤❤

phantomgloryhd says:

I love this song so much like if you agree

Paris says:

Thanks for writing this song for me

Fuck this name thing says:

I can't be the only one staring at her ass..

Alex Laycock says:

who i still watching this in 2017

Random Gaming Channel says:

The best song I ever heard. Great job on this! 🙂

Advencam says:

whos the woman who also sings this?

KingFile says:

GG this is get famous

Andrea Delle Case says:

I have a Paris for the new Giulia but i like the song

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