The Rapunzel Family

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Mum Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell, 43, and her daughters have a combined hair length of over FOUR METRES – like a family of real life Rapunzels. The mother-of-five has had flowing locks since she was a toddler and still has it today because it drives husband Chip, 47, wild. Amazingly, she is forced to wash it by kneeling every time because it DRAGS her to the floor when wet. But most of the time her tresses are winning her acclaim across Illinois state where she regularly scoops first place in ‘Longest Pony Tail Competitions’ at annual fetes and fairs – and now her girls are following in her footsteps.

At it’s longest, Tere Lynn’s hair cascades over her shoulders at an incredible 74 inches. Her eldest Callan, 11, sports 36 3/4 (thirty-six and three-quarter) inch locks, while Cendalyn, nine, is just behind with a straight 36-inch hairdo. Chesney, six, is catching up with a 26 1/4 (twenty-six and one-quarter)-inch mane, while adorable Chapin, one, has the beginnings of a sprout too.

Apart from little Chapin, each of the females use a quarter-bottle of conditioner every time they wash their hair. Tere Lynn often accidentally slams her hair in car doors, gets it sucked up when vacuum cleaning at home, and the kids are always standing on it. But she keeps it for Chip, who first asked her on a date as a teenager because of her luscious long locks. Last week the mum and daughters took their first EVER trip to a hair salon – to show the girls what it was like as a treat. Tere Lynn’s mum Patricia, 69, has been the only person to cut her hair since she was born, and Tere Lynn is carrying on the tradition with her own girls.


Bunny Lover Bryana says:

my hair is almost as long as the youngest girl.

zomgmadii says:

it makes me so happy that she gives her daughters a choice! My mom didn't let me get my first haircut until I was 11, and i wasn't allowed to cut it short until I was 15!

Marsie Hernandez says:

They should donate their hair

SquishyBoy Collecter says:

Whene I asaw the mom at the beginning i thought the devil was discussed

MusicGeek says:

imange Trying to make a bun

alisha sangrai says:


Luka Langezaal says:

U can use your hair as a blanket ;o

Lorena Sastic says:


Tobyas-Daniel Voigt says:

die Hare sing sulang

A'Juana Shockley says:

Illinois YEAH!

Shira Kohn says:

They should donate there hair

I love your channel thank you says:

cute hair y'all

this beatifull says:

Yo quisiera tener así el cabello

Michaela Doney says:

dont go on any rollercoasters

Valeria Martinez says:

I've always wanted long hair but then I would get lazy and not brush if you agree.

Najah U says:

For some reason 2 of my sisters have REALLY long hair but me and my other sister have mid length hair.

Jessica Gimba says:

my hair isn't even like 6 inches

Küçük Bisikletçi says:

türk yokmu burda turklerrrrrrrr

ViciousVoid15 says:

I used to have long hair… I forgot what it feels like

Ugh No says:

I think it's great the mom isn't forcing them to keep it long. I wonder how she washes her hair.

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