Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless

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Asked what she thought of his controversial 2005 remarks, Donald Trump supporter Vicki Sciolaro told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that he’s not “running for pope” and would not have said those things if he knew he was being recorded.


danndavinci Stallion says:

"The Oral Office"… (HILARIOUS) because of Bill (Clinton). Oh, Bill, what have you done to today's youth?

Elaine Snow says:

Wonder how many abortions ol' Trump paid for? Clearly, "Vicki" is unhinged. She once again proves once you get emotional, you lose the argument. Bet anything she throws the "n" word around daily.

candlesbyalexandria says:

Politicians cheat on their spouses and attend swapping parties all the time, so the pussy conversation was nothing compared to all the other bastards!

Victor Reynaga says:

around what age do u think her brain was swapped out for a potato?

R Hawk says:

This woman shows us what the supporters of Trump look like

MrCoughupalung says:

First piece of white trash I EVER agree with!!

MR Rolle says:

Holy shiet this woman is the defenition of what kind of people I hate.

Hunter Osborne says:

Can we think of the children

John Mark Dibert says:

CNN fake news

T Surd says:

the 2 are 1 . all you can suck it

Herro It's Me says:

Ya know I just wonder what's going on through people's heads sometimes…

Matthew Martin Rodgers says:

CNN Fake News lost to Trump in spite of their lies about him. The celeb women on the tape LET Trump "grab" them…and this tape should never have been made public. The real crime here is CNN Fake News. And the 11 women, also, who lied right after it came out. Notice they're not around anymore. It didn't work. Trump never settled rape cases out of court like Bill Clinton. We know Trump is somewhat flawed–who isn't–but basically he is not a rapist, never assaulted women, he rose above the media lies, with the best ideas to get our nation back on track.

Lemon Grass says:

why are all trump supporters fat

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