World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

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VICE’s Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath.” It’s a substance so intense that it renders a person incapable of exercising free will. The first few days in the country were a harrowing montage of freaked-out dealers and unimaginable horror stories about Scopolamine. After meeting only a few people with firsthand experience, the story took a far darker turn than we ever could have imagined.

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JC Skinner says:

Give it to a Down syndrome fuck and tell them to act normal. My dad called them white chinks, lol

Srikandi “Born swagger” Warion says:

this substance from that trumpet flower/datura used by MKult to mind control their victims.

Louis LaFontaine says:

That guy at the end went from 0-100 real quick

Louis LaFontaine says:

This reporter is dope

MrMikehunt87 says:

Most drugs and their effects are about having a good time, being relaxed or being hyped (even if some are harmful). This stuff just seems plain evil, in the wrong hands this could cause serious damage

Squirtly Dude says:

I dont think this a drug like this exist it would be very popular and everybody would fuck People up

Johnny says:

Don't do Drugs, without me .

camilo atehortua says:

i like how @vice found a great contact in Colombia



MacNifty says:

damn whoever is in that pipeline and at the end … that is some good spiked water there….

Lisa Curry says:

I hate drugs. however the users r wonderful ppl that has been controlled by this drug. I can NOT turn ur back on an addict there is always hope.

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