joe gambino bodybuilder death in las vegas | please do comment in chat

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joe gambino death in las vegas,
obituary 2017
staten island


Frank Maresca says:

I do not know how he passed but I knew him from retro fitness in new city ny. He was a really nice guy always took the time to talk to you about fitness and helping out anyway he thoughts and prayers are with him and his family

Coach Glen Hayes says:

God Bless Him

Tempo Nelson says:

We found out Joey had passed. From what? RIP JOEY!!! From Haverstraw NY.

Frank Maresca says:

Very sad to hear about Joe…R.I.P Joey kid

JoeyDonuts says:

RIP Joey Kid…. Hold it down up top playboy!!

Rob Scutileri says:

WTF? I lost my phone for 2 days and this is what I see please somebody tell me wtf happened to Joey?? RIP

alissa says:

steroids @! heartattack at the club

Heartbroken for Joe says:

If u have nothing nice to say shut the fuck up . This is to the people who opening their mouth about how he died .. Anyway Joe was a good person very loveable

soyoudead says:

it was meant to happen. he was living life wrong, never wanting to grow up. contracting diseases left and right. I told him when we were younger that his bloodline and karma is going to get to him sooner than later. dirty family. finally caught up. no mercedes is going to save him now.

Ken Lyons says:

You’re a pussy as is evident by your name.. not even worth the time but I took the bait.

Weslyn Hamilton rip Joe says:

Facts feel the same way u do smh . People just r very miserable with their own lives they have to talk shit about Others to make themself feel good inside

Rip joeeee♡ says:

Who are you to pass judgement. Show respect! Joe was a good looking kid and a great guy. He was actually mature for his age. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.

Go fuk yourself says:

You should be ashamed of yourself talking about a deceased person like that! Disgusting you are!!

Unknown says:

Ur a disgrace

Selfmadeinc says:

Poor taste …no class…I’m betting if Joe was in front of you never would you talk smack to him. Joe has passed let him RIP.

Queen B says:

I am his family and Im happy to see who really actually did know him Knew what an amazing, good hearted person he was. Little did you know he might of let you borrow his benz because thats how nice he was. U obviously are a loser because his benz affected you that much so basically your a hater. Bye Felicia

Big mamma says:

Well said

Anon says:

You are a complete coward to think and even put into words your disgusting thoughts. Have you no brain? You must have something seriously wrong with you to write something like that. I didn’t know this guy personally but I have only heard good things and can tell this guy was unique and one of a kind. You must be absolutely delusional to think you are right in the head. You may hide behind your screen but you’re already at war with yourself if you do these kinds of things. Let the guy rest in peace. He is no longer here. I am sure he wouldn’t even lash out at you for what you are saying… but maybe he’d tried to understand you. Rest in Paradise Joe. I actually had a dream that I met Joe many months ago.. I don’t know why. I never met the guy. Sorry I never got to meet you Joe. Take care bud

RIPJOE says:

Such disgusting Bitter bitches. How sad. RIP Joe the amount of people who showed up tonight show that you were loved by many.

Charlie says:

Joe and I shot two football themed time warner commercials together about 10 years ago. Im a short Irish guy with no football experience. Joe walked me through everything with patience, humor, class, professionalism and zero judgment. The guy was all heart. I had the honor of working with him for 2 days and I never forgot him nor will i ever. God bless, Joe. Sleep well, brother.

Unknown says:

Whoever started this blog is garbage what difference does it make on how he died… he was 27 years old and is gone have respect u filth let his family mourn

Weslyn Hamilton rip Joe says:

I can’t believe what I am actually seeing the poor kid is not here anymore and he can’t defend himself.. Only a low life will go this fucking low and write Nasy things about someone after they died. I just came back few hours ago from his funeral and it was so heart broken to see such a young good looking sweet person life ended so fast and quick but he is resting with God.. Some people really r miserable with their life that they can’t help themself to be jealous of others and have nothing good to say and Joe was a happy young kid who was living his dream he was loved by everyone.. Ps rip Joe

AnItalianGirlfromWhitestone says:

I hope someone can delete this before his family sees this. This is disgusting, wrong and hurtful, unnecessary and horrific, let him rest in peace. Imagine if this were your child, your son, your brother, your boyfriend, cousin,friend, loved one- this is absolutely disgusting. I am begging whoever created this to PLEASE REMOVE THIS!!!!! Let those who are grieving, mourn him in peace. Unimaginable pain to lose a child
so young and so unexpectedly. Please have respect for the family. Please take this down.

G from NJ says:

Very sad to see. Joe seemed like a great guy. I interacted with him a few times through lifting forums, and then facebook. He always seemed happy and POSITIVE! He will certainly leave a big hole in many lives, but hopefully his name and legacy will live on for a while.

Does anyone know the cause of death? Not that it matters, but I’d like to make a donation to a charity in his honor.


Billy Everingham says:

RIP Joe!!! Not only were you one of the best offensive & defensive linemen I’ve ever seen play at the high school level, you were one of the most talented football players I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching play high school football. Personally, I truly believed that we would be watching you play on Sundays someday.
However, your talent as a football player & an athlete takes a back seat to the type of well-rounded, friendly, kind, & hardworking person you were. The truth is that I didn’t know you to the point of many others who have posted on this blog, but I did have the pleasure of making your acquaintance a handful of times when your family owned Mariella’s and when I coached against you when you played for North Rockland. You wee always so quick to greet me, talk w/ me, ask if I needed anything, & have an friendly, enjoyable conversation about anything from football to school to family.
You were a wonderful human being who has left us way too soon.
As for those who downplay some aspects of your life and stress the mistakes you might have made, all I have to say to them is that we are all human and we all have made mistakes in life, especially the people who find it necessary to badmouth a good person on his own memorial blog.
I send your family my regards & sympathies and just want to tell them that I am so extremely sorry for your loss. And Joe, til we meet again.

Danny B says:

I never had the chance to meet you but from all the messages from family and friends you seem like nothing short of an exceptional person. My regard to your entire family and friends. R.I.P. my gym brother. DB

Nick T says:

RIP Joe you had a heart of gold look over your loved ones which I know you will. Lata brotha, your friend Nick T

Vits says:

If you people really gave a fuck you would spread the word on how steroids ruined a life and not defend it . If you really gave a fuck you would say dont let what happened to this person happen to you or someone you love. People making excuses and shrouding a death in cover up stories and mystery serves no positive purpose. The truth is every knows what the cause of his death was , stop hiding it, doesnt make him a bad guy it just means it couldve been avoided. Let it be a lesson to others.

Maria Gambino says:

Fuck you

Maria Gambino says:

I would like to know who are you?

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