The Threat to Donald Trump| Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars

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Owen Shroyer explains how Globalists and main stream media are working together to bring Trump down..


K says:

Lucky enough to view some old ross perot clips.,ron paul ,jesse ventura ,roger stone,alex jones ,and david icke – along with the others.
Impressive, entertaining , informative, and show real leadership.
True patriot is alex jones. continue on. Prayers for all involved.. blessings it's a new day is right.! thanksxx

Tony S says:

These liberals are utter and complete MORONS….. And that's putting it way, way too lightly.
It's one thing to act shamefully, but to do it in a manner that the entire world witnesses it, WOW…. You've shown the whole world just how pitiful you and your democrat party are. The biggest pack of LOSERS ever witnessed. EVER…. So go ahead, and continue to disgrace yourselves. Right up until the moment our streets get a thorough cleansing from the likes of you….

June Bug says:

Obama and Soros could stop the riots but they are paying for the riots..

john hammer says:

beast is dead but still won't STOP  …… TRUMP  ram a steak thru its center and make all that worship it eat its rotten black heart

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