Race and Crime

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Blacks commit violent crimes against whites at 40 times the rate that whites commit violent crimes against blacks (Color of Crime). Whites who aren’t willfully ignorant of statistics are called “racist” for identifying the problem. This is an example of what’s known as Liberal Ethnomasochism.

In the United States, black males between the ages of 16 and 36 are no more than 3% of the population. They commit 33% of all crimes.

In 2011, 13,406 black-on-white rapes were reported. There were fewer than a dozen cases of white-on-black rape.

Violent crimes per 100,000 people:

35 for Asian countries.
42 for European countries.
149 for African countries.

Extant rates of life-course offending within the U.S. population are about 70% heritable.

Some sources:

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Color of Crime

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It’s All About Race Now By Patrick J. Buchanan


Black men ‘to blame for most violent city crime’

Shocking race/crime statistics

The Thug Gene?

Iggy Pop



libertarianfreedom8 says:

Who is the men at 16:06?

Segs Naidoo says:

Why are these vile blacks allowed to walk free after committing all those crimes in the US?

Lisa Strode says:

There are only two ways to solve the problem of black criminality: savagery or enslavement. That is, restore the negroid to his natural habitat and allow him to live again as an ape (for only humans are capable of being criminals); or enslave the negroid population to human beings. Either let him devolve completely to his bestial nature, or beat the ape out of him so that the human can get into him.

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The negro is a born slave so that man can be served by beasts in human form, and God can be worshiped by both man and the animal kingdom.

Melvin Dase says:

Europe tries to to bring civilization to Africa by coming in and kicking down old rulers or telling rulers what to do, takes all the precious materials from Africa. Then America brings us to the here oppresses us for over 400 years then expects is to act the same as the people so were given opportunities. Back then it was racist whites believed in white power and were given better chances than blacks or any other race in america, there were very few Asians in America yet Hispanics and blacks were in America and those are the two most "violent" races. The slaves who were given no chance of freedom or the blacks and Hispanics who were oppressed had such little opportunity, and that very small opportunity has grown bigger over the years but because the parents had very small opportunity the kids will have either the same type of opportunity or a slightly bigger one. I know what it's like to have ever little opportunity, like how the parents with very little opportunity can barely afford a house in a crime ridden so the kid has to watch there back for murderers, thieves, gangbangers and all the other terrible influences of the hood while trying to strive for college and make money. This is something I and I a shit ton of other people in the hood have to go through. This kind of thing is hard to do plus I got family to look out for so they don't be steered down the wrong path

Ryan Spears says:

And people still say whites are the problem. Fucking Thugs.

tactteam00 says:

you lost me at 'Libertarian Realist'. LOL

Jason Dayton says:

This is not just happening in America it is happening all over the world. Blacks are destroying every country they can. Call me a liar ? Go check out the news from other countries. It is constantly blacks killing, robbing , raping people of different colors. It is getting close to the whole world uniting and repeating Hitler theological points of view. We have white flights from the inner cities all over the world. Eventually white will get tired of it and that is not going to have a great out come.

rubinood says:

44:38 … Well, at least another 'race' behaves the same violence-glorifying, tribal manner as the blacks described: Arabs in Palestine. Actually, I don't think it's solely a race issue. It's more like a cultural issue, though race might play a role, too: Muslims, in general, tend to behave like that.

Francois Pienaar says:

What about the pre 1970 black data where blacks commited way fewer crimes and murders bc of the intactness of the family

Steve R says:

Those po black chillen could never be guilty of anything in America!!

Shelton Bowie says:

What about white on white crime? White men commit more MASS SHOOTINGS.

machayah gore says:

Heres a video breakdown that will shed light on how to improve our discipline and organization as a nation

TB says:

This proves that WHites are more violent than any race. White violence dates as far back as 1492: www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/five-dead-including-pregnant-woman-alabama-mass-killing-n635376

FeatherBlack says:

And who is responsible for african presence on american continent?

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