Media Found Guilty in Trayvon Martin Case

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George Zimmerman acquitted. Race riots to come?


trey davis says:

fuck florida

Evilfish82 says:

Yeah bro, it's a conspiracy, i tell you! Why aren't there any people in JAIL? Shit everyone but black people escape jail. The whole world is against black people I tell you! 

Evilfish82 says:

Yeah fuck the media, everywhere. What happen to the times where they just delivered information.

fedupwitumboth says:

It's exactly the opposite. And no way whitey calls you a dog. Lies. Pecking order for hiring is now black female, black male, female Hispanic, male Hispanic, white female, white male… And that's the truth!! Unless you have the iq of a hamster, if you're black everything is in your favor!!

Bozhidar Balkas says:

evidence had proved that none of those 15 ghost punches TM threw landed on GZ's mouth, jaws, nose, or arms.
not a single mark or a drop of blood [from bleeding nose or head] was found on TM's hands.
GZ's blood had to hav ran out the nose. y? because his head was elevated a foot or so & because GZ sat up each time TM wld allegedly bang his head onto concrete.
ther shd h been a pool of blood on the concrete & TM's hands shd hav been baded in it.
so, how did jury miss such facts? 

Dreambro1 says:

Why isnt it about race, Im black, and not a day go by with me being called, "DOG" by a white man, or whats happening bruth" or a resounding WASSUPPP! from a cracka! When one is confronted by racist greetings, it makes one wonder where else the racist assumptions are made. 

Dreambro1 says:

The Media was all over the OJ Simpson ,Nicole thing too, and OJ SImpson was found NOT GUILTY! 

fedupwitumboth says:

Come on man, the media takes any and every opportunity it can to make everything about race! It's not about black and white anymore. The press leads most Americans around by the nose! Gimme football and beer and I'll keep most American men from even listening to the news much less investigating it!!

Dreambro1 says:

This guy is so full of shit. He is saying that since their is black on black crime,that Trayvon's life has no value, and that is bullshit. The REAL issue here is that someone was not arrested for his murder until people spoke up. YES, blacks commit crimes, but when they do, their black asses are arrested without hesitation! 

Dreambro1 says:

MARTIN LUTHER KING should be sued then! 

Dreambro1 says:

Whites commit the same crimes, they are just pled out to misdeamenors and their case is slid up under the table. 

Dreambro1 says:

This SHOULD have been national, Glad it was! 

Dreambro1 says:

Freedom of the press, freedom of speech! 

Dreambro1 says:

The whole point in this case is one was murdered and NO one was murdered. When a negro kills someone, he is arrested without hesitation. Also, when a white person is murdered by a black person, the media is sure to be on it. So why is it that its wrong to portray a black as a victim? 

Epmer Klith says:

I heard somewhere that Zimmerman may sue MSNBC for defamation of character. The state of Florida should sue MSNBC for expenses incurred in staging the trial.

sssssjjjj1 says:

He's jewish. Don't you find it odd that the night it happened, the mug shot of sorts, he was fat as hell, more hair on top, different beard hairline and the court shows blood and swollen showing him 30 pounds lighter, haircut super short, and different beardline. It's a hoax. It's another judeomasonic gun grabber hoax. 

Surferin85 says:

First he was white, then he was white hispanic but fact is that he looks more like a normal hispanic. In Europe you will not find any information about this. There they call him a "white guy" and all the liberals talk about white on black crime. -.-

LeonSkottKennedey says:

This is what happens when a bunch of low IQed and poor Impulse Controlls get railed up.

Shaun Zuber says:

Degen… doogee is CLEARLY a reverse racist… there will be nochanging his mind:(

degen83 says:

Cunt cream, shut your stupid lips up. I will not just sit here and let you tell lies and whine about how you think blacks had it worse of all people. Get over it, many millions of people in the course of history had horrible lives, full of opression and slavery. Peoples of all colors had tough and opressive lives or lives of slavery. Claiming only blacks endured this is dishonest and shows your consistant ignorance regarding human history.

degen83 says:

I answered your questions and clarified my answers. if you think Irish struggles began with the Time of Troubles (IRA armed resistance to the Crown in Northern Ireland) you are very mistaken. Fact is we have had much violence over religion.

To claim that the Irish endured non of these things shows your ignorance and your afrocentric beliefs. 

doogeehowser says:

Thanks for dodging the questions.

We've gone through that and more as I have already shown.

degen83 says:

The Troubles was a military conflict between the IRA and the Crown and allies on both sides to try to restore Irish freedom to Northern Ireland. There were atrocities on both sides, both sides fucked up majorly, but it was the Irish civilians who suffered by the Crown during it, just for being Irish.

During the troubles our civil rights in Northern Ireland were drastically lowered to lower than the blacks in the USA at the time. Internment w/o charge and w/o trial. What you know about that?

degen83 says:

The genocide I spoke of was the Potato Famine. There was a blight on the potatoes, but we had more than enough food that were not potatoes so we wouldn't have started and lost half of our whole population, except all of this other food, the non potatoes, were stolen from us by the English using their military, and those of us that stole food to keep our families alive were shipped off to Australia, the Colonies (USA), or elsewhere.

"You know fuck all" = "you don't know shit".

doogeehowser says:

Wasn't "the Troubles" more like a conflict (albeit an uneven one) or war and less like a slavery and genocide? Weren't both sides armed?

Look I am not saying the Irish struggle isn't legitimate, I am saying its not the same as what black people have gone through and are still going through today.

"You know fuck all."

LOL! What are we trying to say here? lol

degen83 says:

You are the ignorant fuck, whining about how bad you had it when my people had it worse, for longer than your people. My people weren't allowed in towns in the USA, my people got the jobs too dangerous for valuable slaves to get, because people cared when slaves died but nobody gave fuck all about the Irish. You know nothing you ignorant guilt ridden retard, I know the history and I know I owe you nothing. Stop whining and do something with your life you pathetic bitch.

degen83 says:

They bombed us from the air during the Troubles. They hired the Blacks and Tans to brutally beat us and keep us down for daring oppose the Crown. They starved us out by taking all of our food numerous times. They took our food using their military. They gave incentives to stop us from teaching our children our language, and the affects are felt today since you cannot go from one coast of Ireland to the next speaking Irish since it was very much stamped out. You know fuck all.

doogeehowser says:

When the FUCK did the Irish get 300 of their towns burned to the ground in Amerikkka? When did the CHURCH create a biblical narrative that the Irish were cursed by "God" (sic) ? Did they do that to you and yours? Fuck no! they didn't stupid ass no history knowin' FUCK.

When did they BOMB your women men and children from the air? When did they infect the Irish with syphilis and then withhold treatment?

When they stop you from speaking your own language? Or practicing your own religion. When?

doogeehowser says:

YES CUNT SLUDGE!!! I EXPECT YOU TO SIT THERE AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! lol If you don't like what the fuck I say to your teabaggin' dingleberry eating ass THEN TAKE YOUR BITCH ASS ELSEWHERE



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