Uncucking with Cantwell

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Radical Agenda EP037 – Cuckin4Bucks

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Steven Thury says:

It is impossible to be a realist of any kind while denying God as Creator and sustainer of all things. The idea that you can think, reason, have senses and a conscience came out of random chance without any guiding Deity is the height of foolishness.

Joe Blow says:

Micro expressions are now an offense⁉️

Henry VIII says:

Great interview LR What's going on in Europe would be called genocide if it was a continent of brown people and cunts like Merkel Juncker and Cameron would be compared to Hitler in the zionist media for forcing these 3rd world parasitic orcs upon us. In England the white working class continually get pushed back down the queue for social housing waiting over 5 years ignored by the PC council and there are former British soldiers sleeping on the streets while the dregs of the earth just need to sneak past our pathetic border controls in Calais and it's straight into a hotel without any background checks where they are free to wander the streets in gangs intimidating people then they get a house and bring their useless families and a life on welfare at our expense and it's white working class children who miss out on school placements and end up stuck in a class full of non English speaking kids jeopardizing their education. Cameron is also bringing thousands of Syrians on top of all the others pouring in. Anti immigration petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures are treat with utter contempt and any attempt at protest is met with violence with the Government sponsored thugs Unite Against Fascism (left wing students moslems blacks and other anti British minorities) Helped by the police break it up and the zionist media spins it into a Neo Nazi protest. These people invading Europe are criminals rapists and terrorists I feel relief every time I see a boat has capsized.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

We don't need to build a wall, ….. the military has millions of land mines in storage that can be put to good use to handle randy mexicans and musly muslims.

Babylonian Hebrew says:


If anyone else follows Cantwell on F acebook, it's been a fucking awesome last few weeks.

Michael Cote says:

Why is it only the shit stained races are the ones who come here with demands of Money (SSI) Food (EBT WIC & TANIF) & Shelter.(Section 8)

- brooks says:

I need to find a place to grow and preserve my culture –

Moragauth says:

I don't think it's so much that whites don't have a sense of racial identity, e.g. an in-group preference etc, it's just that they are embarrassed to admit to it for the most part. You do get a minority in all populations, though, that is self-loathing and inimical to its own kind.

JR Kipling says:

Libertarian Realist is convincing in a way Cantwell is not. LR is trying to make sense of reality and possible real workable governable alternatives to the present insanity. Cantwell seems to want to build a air-castle of theory that remains internally consistent but describes nothing. When Cantwell said "theoretically I am opposed to the nation state".. he enters a abstract Disneyworld that extends to front door of his house but no further.

European Imperian says:

1:44 The only exception is myself of course. LR doesn't want to debate or engage with me at all because he's afraid of my arguments.

For years I've tried multiple techniques of getting him to engage with my arguments whether it be through direct communication, flattery, reason, shock tactics, trolling, goading, displays of concession, factual criticisms of Adolf Hitler & National Socialism, third party manipulation or even generous donations, but just as General Fabian avoided at all costs open battle with Hannibal Barca Brad seems to have made every effort to avoid meaningful engagement with and criticism of my political ideas (and in spite of the fact that he knows they'd be very much welcomed), for fear of being called a "Nazi" by his (obviously mainly "Neo-Nazi") audience… lol

You see Brad can't deal with arguers who challenge certain romantic fascinations with absolute civic liberty where it is in conflict with the most basic and tribal form of existential liberty. Romantic fascinations which those such as myself perceive his politics as beholden to at an emotional level.

I can't really explain this fascination for absolute civic liberty that LR apparently harbours. I can only speculate that his attempted "get out of racism free card" love for alleged "non-Marxist" Jewry must be deep rooted in his emotional psyche somehow. This could therefore indicate some form of strange Christian Zionist cult entrenched into his personal background and/or upbringing which LR's adult intellect is simply too weak or underdeveloped to cease accommodating.


The prison anolagy was perfect. I wish every white man AND woman could experience just one week of THAT wake up call. Someone told me of its because you are in there with the worst of those races. Not true at all. If that was the case then that would mean the whites too. Even in there,especially in there, the difference is unbelievable!!! Perfect example of what will happen when we become the minority in all of our countries. Study Rhodesia and South Africa.


White people need to come together NOW !!! Our differences won't matter if we cease to exist. WE are the only race of people that are facing literal extinction Negroid and Mongoloid are in no danger whatsoever. The Caucasoid has lost the very will to carry on.

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