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Sub for more: | Danny Gold for Liberty News Writers reports, Hey Deplorables, doesn’t it make you just really want to vote for a Democrat when they call you mean names and generalize/stereotype you?

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rhmbicyclersvideos says:


Darren Mcmunn says:

this nigger will be erased from history.

Zonly1 says:

Who started the KKK, Barry ? That's right…… the DemocRats.

palemaster6000 says:

Century 1; Quatrain 76
The man will be called by a barbaric name
that three sisters will receive from destiny.
He will speak to a great people in words and deeds,
more than any other man will have fame and renown.

Pahola Brobst says:

the clintons and the obomas never served our military!

The Baron Of None says:

Just a thought start a war elections stop and Obama is in for however long….

joe same says:

I just think that Obama is attached demons to his body. So, whatever he said is all nonsense.

Jay Seabreeze says:

Who the fuck cares what a half breed says ! SNNP

Daniel Butland says:

why can't you impeach Obama for treason???

Evil Spyke says:

is this what news is called today? lol. this is silly.

Philip Morphew says:

You mean Obama?  The Anti Christ Kenyan Muslim?

Patrick Mark says:

Everybody has already seen this Toad spit this shit from his lips. This has been this Crows Muslim Brotherhood Queer man loving opinion forever.

Patrick Mark says:

So he's calling all white people racist? I am against him but refuse take his bait against all of color.

coolramone says:

Obama is a Flaming Liberal. Power is more important to him than integrity.

Dressy Seagull says:

I learned when I was 12 goddamn years old that generalizing an entire population based on a stigma is fallacious. The fact people in and running for office are openly partaking in this behavior is extremely sad, and highly indicative that they are just doing it in a desperate attempt to divide gullible people.

betty kuykendall says:

Well, he's an Asshole so I wouldn't expect anything else from a Democrat. Obama hates American's.

Bill Williams says:

-Obama is dam lucky because if I was there I would kill that motherfucker. And I am a true American.

magnaviator says:

someone who aids and abets an enemy of the united states is called a traitor.  why is it that Obama continually excuses Islamic extremism, why does he let into the country  unchecked muslims that hate our existence, why did he kiss the Saudi king's ring, why along with the Saudis did he support the creation of ISIS, why did he just veto a unanimous bill from congress allowing the 9/11 families to sue the Saudis for the 9/11 slaughter?…maybe because he is a wahabi sunni muslim with allegiance to Saudi arabia, cuz you know, that's what kissing the king's ring means.  because I don't see that he gives a shit about americans but goes out of his way to justify and excuse his co-religionist throat cutting sharia jihadist brothers at every opportunity.

Rambler616 says:

So, it's not bad enough that Obanana uses black people to get elected which is what Hillary is doing by calling Trump a racist but now trying to maintain the vote of the imbeciles which are the real crude populace with no brains to mention because they will believe this horseshit. So, I have to say, he's not so dumb after all. The funny thing is, is that he just called all of Hillary's supporters crude because that's the target audience he's trying to reach. Frickin' magic.

Sharon Reding says:

The Democratic party started slavery and the KKK. The Republican party was started to end slavery. Only one republican had slaves and that was General Grant who had 1 slave. Republicans passed the anti-slavery bill and the largest percentage of Republicans passed the civil rights bill 80% in the House and Senate. LBJ was a racist but he was outnumbered so he signed the bill into law. Yet every 4 years the democrats play the race card.

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