Heads Up! Miami Beach to be Sprayed Again, They Claim Zika Threat Grows

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NALED Insecticide Fact Sheet

Naled is an insecticide in the organophosphate pesticide family that is commonly used to kill adult (flying) mosquitoes.

Naled has been registered for use in the U.S. since 1959 and is sold under the brand name Dibrom. AMVAC Chemical Corporation has been the major manufacturer of NALED since 1998.
Naled is a fast acting, non-systemic contact and stomach poison in insects and mites (2). It is used as a short-term fumigant to control agricultural pests on ornamentals in greenhouses, animal and poultry houses, kennels and food processing plants (1, 6). Liquid formulations can be applied to greenhouse heating pipes to kill insects by vapor action. Naled is also used for municipal and other large area mosquito control programs (3). It has been used by veterinarians to kill parasitic worms (other than tapeworms) in dogs (6). Naled is available in dust, emulsion concentrate, liquid and ULV formulations (3).
Naled is one of a class of insecticides referred to as organophosphates. These chemicals act by interfering with the activities of cholinesterase, an enzyme that is essential for the proper working of the nervous systems of both humans and insects. Please refer to the Toxicology Information Brief on cholinesterase-inhibition for a more detailed description of this topic.

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Yaiwa The God says:

Mama's about to get angry.

Rictim Eishort says:

They are spraying all over the US,Pittsburgh Pa..Spaying at night…..Monsanto,bayre merger went through..

Kevin Palmer says:

Great reports man, keep up the great work. With everyone getting pieces here and there, its making the overall picture a lot clearer. These people are evil, to say the least!

Sandra Hendricks says:

I live in eastern Oregon in a smaller town. My neighbor was telling me yesterday about his experience this summer with mosquitoes. He was painting his house and was bitten about 10 times on the back of his neck and head. He said that next moning he was not feeling well. Since he has health issues he called his clinic. They told him that he was most likely bit by mosquitoes with Zika. Is that wild or what?

Kelly ward says:

Whatever it is I got it. Come get me mutherfuckers. I dare ya!

Rusty Nail says:

keep up the good work .

Judy Lauer says:

I wonder if they are not using these areas as a test to see hoe toxic naled will be to all lifr forms ?

Ray Davies says:


Michelle Cayson says:

Any news from Louisiana after the flooding? Wouldn't that be a bigger concern, of spraying there rather than Florida?

maialynda says:

So, let me get this straight. The first time they sprayed this crap it didn't work. So, they are doubling down and spraying more of which didn't work in the first place? And there are serious environmental and health effects due to the spraying? I'd say these people are insane, greedy, ecocidal, and homocidal.

Strontium Milks says:

We got nailed this morning. RIck Scott wife owns the company doing the spraying. Once the bees is gone will be hard for organics to take off in south Florida.. only gmo will be grown in the only place in USA that can grow year round.

Jay Sims says:

The question is.. why spray a beach where mosquitoes don't live??? Read this.
The debate is over a pesticide called naled, which has been registered for use by the Environmental Protection Agency since 1959. The insecticide has been banned in Europe since 2012, however, which has made some locals nervous.

The European Union classifies naled as harmful to aquatic life, dangerous if swallowed and harmful if it comes in contact with the skin.
Thats right…. the Environmental Protection Agency !!!!!!!

Source:: www.livescience.com/56039-is-pesticde-naled-used-in-zika-fight-toxic.html

ima dogg says:

time to shoot it down when it passes

ja9 star says:

Chemtrailed to oblivion by planes in UK this morning Again..plus Zika "Spray" disgusted..
Monsanto Lavacide causes babies to be deformed, thats how they want you all, dying & Sick..My opinion

voice for voiceless says:

Population control

Gramma Rose says:

I am confused that more people are not stomping their feet and raising their voices as a whole society down there. They are still walking around staring at their smart phones reading stupid messages that who knows sent. WTF is going on with people. Are they THAT asleep that they do not know they are being poisoned??? I am without words……..

Gramma Rose says:

actually it should read Heads down…I am seriously thinking of wearing the mask. Wonder what would happen if we ALL started doing that. I would love to see that.

Archangel 68 says:

Chemical biological warfare on the people…

Juanita T says:

What if it not just poisoning the people and weakening there immune system, but killing the bees to trigger a food crisis with millions of bees gone, then starvation not far behind? I would not be surprised by the evil that they do, that got it from there father, the devil!

Lynette Dundon says:

right, so with all the spraying, you won't know whether its nalid or gmo mosquittoes.? scarey.

Wildrhody says:

Naled is an organophosphate. This is one search I found. "Cardiac manifestations of acute carbamate and organophosphate poisoning." (Btw, two people in this study died of ventricular fibrillation).


And another study:

Just search Cardiac or Arrhythmia, along with the word Organophosphate, for other studies.Here's the toxicology of this organophosphate poisoning…

condrools says:

When you see someone spraying that poison, arm yourself, and go make a Citizen's Arrest.

H. Guimas says:

That's what they did in Brazil. That's how zika started. While they "fought" against.

H. Guimas says:

That's what they did in Brazil. That's how zika started. While they "fought" against.

lengua muerta says:

yo florida, I believe it's your move.

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