New Video Of Keith Scott’s Shooting

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The Scott family has just released the video shot by Keith Scott’s wife Rakeyia on her cell phone of the moments leading up to, and after the fatal shooting.

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OrganicHealer says:

OMG this reporter looks like Brad Pitt …. or his Brother …. anyone else agree??

Lynda J says:

The wife to "tone" it down. Nope, she was yelling, repeating and cussing like a sailor. These damn women will NOT tone anything down, they just ratchet it up. She was irritating me, I'm sure he had enough of listening to her as well. There is a long video of it with all the audio, and she's a hot mess screaming.

horse1066 says:

What kind of freak films their dead husband?

rolando martin says:

pause the video at 1:26 where did that come from

The_Reason_isME says:

I am sooo fucking happy this criminal scumbag Ghetto dweller is dead!!  I cant wait for the next one !! One by one we are chopping the criminals down just by their own stupidity  !!

Joshua Muzaaya says:

The man had NO gun. The wife said "Don't do it" meaning that don't attempt to run away. The guy was waiting for his son off a bus. If he had a gun, why wont police provide that proof in video ?

Melissa Griffith says:

Why don't the police start carrying tranquilizer dart guns. No deaths problems solved.

Crystal Giddens says:

why does every video manage to miss the actual shooting? she had it all but that? one minute he is in the truck the next 15 feet away and on the ground? every damn time? they miss the shooting? the video played at 25% speed shows the video "white out" and the next thing you see is him on the ground? How? Why? STAGED! she does not catch him exit or walk or shot. just a "white out?" we are being duped!

Angel 7 says:

Last days, Demonic possession in cops

Alphabet Man says:

"He better not be dead because he DINDUNUFFIN to them!"

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