Death of A Candidate Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election

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The presidential election could be delayed or scrapped altogether if conspiracy theories become predictive and a candidate dies or drops out before Nov. 8. The perhaps equally startling alternative, if there’s enough time: Small groups of people hand-picking a replacement pursuant to obscure party rules.

The scenarios have been seriously considered by few outside of the legal community and likely are too morbid for polite discussion in politically mixed company. But prominent law professors have pondered the effects and possible ways to address a late-date vacancy.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution which requires a popular election for the electors serving in the Electoral College,” says John Nagle, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, meaning the body that officially elects presidents could convene without the general public voting.

“It’s up to each state legislature to decide how they want to choose the state’s electors,” Nagle says. “It may be a situation in which the fact that we have an Electoral College, rather than direct voting for presidential candidates, may prove to be helpful.”

Both major parties do have rules for presidential ticket replacements, however, and Congress has the power to change the election date under Article II of the Constitution, which allows federal lawmakers to set dates for the selection of presidential electors and when those electors will vote.

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Sue Woods says:

I have a feeling that they are poisoning Hillary. She may have an illness to begin with but it would help that sicky 0bama to stay in if they can get rid of her.

Fred Flintstone says:

She's already dead.

Cuttingthruthefog says:

It will NOT eliminate the election if what Judge Napolitano says is true. I'm pretty sure the military would not permit a complete annihilation of the election, though a delay might be tolerated. It looks to me like there are lots of people who have quite awakened but are questioning…that might be the thing that finally does the trick.

Jess Cardenas says:

Michelle Obama may be America's next president

ram1brn says:

they cant  Trey Gowdy checked it is against the constitution  it will proceed I would assume that the VP pick of which ever canidate  would take office

Linda HH says:

Thank you dahboo for this information. I must say this is the real Pantsuit Lucy. People need to take a look at some of the other ones….compare.

TheWatanna says:

When you look at this photo of Hillary Clinton, and look at the videos' and photos' after she collapsed, it HAS to be 2 different woman.  She looks 10-15 years older in this photo.

James Langan says:

thanks dahboo77 for info on gasoline shortages


Circus, circus, circus !!! Oh my goooooooooooooood ….

James Langan says:

re gas shortages, thanks dahboo for the info

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