Warnings of The Aftermath Of a Failed Hillary Debate

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Infowars reporters Lee Ann McAdoo and Owen Shroyer discuss what the potential fall out could be if Hillary Clinton pulls out from the debate.

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C.R Jones says:

you are so mean to a little old lady.

3TileMason33 says:

No way will Michelle Obama be allowed to replace Hitlery "Falling Down" CliNtoN. Michelle is a beautiful WOMAN. ANYONE CAN SEE THAT she and Barrack's DAUGHTERS are a COMBINATION OF THE TWO OF THEM. HOWEVER the "Hitlery's brain in a jar (the one labeled "Abby Normal") on a desk" thing MIGHT happen. That is right out of the H.P. LOVECRAFT story "THE WHISPERER IN THE DARK"…

Robert says:

Hahaha, Owen is awesome.

Ronnie Smith says:

Have you seen recent pics of Manchelle,she the shoulders of a gorrilla.

cyber bully says:

Oh, she'll be pumped full of propopropophol

wil s says:

I can't believe lee ann mcboobs likes michael obama ….you know the tranny trying to tell our kids to eat crappy food. What the hell is happening to lee ann ? Not too long ago she got mad when Donald Trump called megyn kelly a bimbo and Lee Ann got mad at him ??? Will anyone please explain to me what is wrong with Lee ann please ?

Ronnie Smith says:

Leanne loves Trannys?

TheHypernaught says:

Lee Ann are you on drugs? She has a bulge in her crotch

Cruz Kerin says:

is not if she knows how to manage her house MICHELLE OBAMA is about her idealogy

Bryan Gallup says:

I'll leave too with ya Lee Ann

Billy Bob says:

still with the Red/Blue rhetoric

Bryan Gallup says:

They weren't supposed to talk about it

flamesfromblazer says:

One Hundred Thumbs Down from me for extolling Support of Michael Obama – Ridiculous, Disgusting & Worrying – will be very wary of this McAdoo from now on. Very disappointed in her

Bryan Gallup says:

a friend of mine was secret service .
he said she has a dick lol

Philosopher Prince says:

writings are on the wall

Philosopher Prince says:

fuggin nutty times

kazzicup says:

Hillary is a hissing witch. Hillary Clinton is cold and full of malice. And she lies.

Tony Granbäck says:

The largest Swedish newspaper (Aftonbladet) has today a filthy anti Trump article on their front page with a headline "Terrified that he pulls down his pants" And goes on saying that the Trump camp is terrified before the debate, that they are afraid
Trump will pull down his pants and show his ass. Yes, they really write so, google and check yourself. And according to the newspaper, Hillary don't suffer from anything and say that Trump camp must train Trump to be able to debate Hillary.

wm curry says:

clintons, professional liars – what seperates them from US – examples D.O.J – F.B.I and last most important our president gave Hillary a get out of jail for free card,no matter WHAT

Billy Bob says:

Anybody still supporting Democrats or Republicans has missed the point of this show for the last 5- 10 years.

TwoCam Sam says:

I have no idea what she is talking about…..this chic is hot…

Joe Momma says:

No matter what happens the media will say Trump blew it. They are Hillary's mouthpiece.

Sirius says:

( . Y . ) Tits McGee

Allen Ayler says:

I visited my facebook feed the other day where I follow both Hillary and Trump, and low and behold all the Trump posts were missing. I scrolled all the way down back to two days ago, and nothing. Not one Trump post. I refreshed and they all return. Bug, or is it Facebook hoping people don't realize and don't refresh?

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