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Never before has a presidential debate been so eagerly anticipated as the American public waits on baited breath to see what crooked Hillary Clinton will do when she is forced to go head to head against Donald Trump.

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Ed Bersin says:

Trump's "violent" rhetoric is going to beat Clinton until she shits herself all over the stage.

Brian Towns says:

Just read the other posts, I guess great minds think alike.

Brian Towns says:

Just realized why so may are going to watch the debate. Think of Nascar… we are waiting for the crash. I wish I could listen to the Secret Service ear phones… "Grey Lady Down…I repeat the Gray Lady is Down"

James Marcino says:

Hellion Hillary is a more catchy phrase for her….

Orthodox Christian says:

This women will make a steven hawking entrance.

romeo rozeta says:

I think she'll find an excuse to not show up. In a live debate with the Trump she would would be too vulnerable.

sweetloveelmo says:

The Deplorables secret weapon to Prevent WW3……………..STROBE LIGHTS.

Dr. CisScum Shitlord III, Esq. says:

I haven't watched a debate since Bush/Perot/B. Clinton debated. I'm gonna watch this one just to see Hillary die on live television.

sweetloveelmo says:

TRUMP DYNASTY for a sane 21st century.

HotchiwawaChronicles says:

Destroy her Trump!

wheelmanstan says:

this will be bigger than all of our sports championships combined, people are actually praying for hillary…that she lives long enough to get crushed by trump

but they're going to be really tough and sneaky with the questions no doubt

GoWildLikeHelloKitty says:

and no clone, hologram or lookalike (that didnt even looked like her!) … she will drop dead on live t.v

Rhett Burleson says:

Stronger Together: running And falling

Rhett Burleson says:

Stronger Together: running for prison And president

xzanderain says:

She will do the debate probably through a satellite feed. while not being physically present for it. I suspect that if she begins to have a coughing fit they will use satellite break up to cut from the video feed momentarily to stabilize her.

Kotipelto says:

They will try to hit Mr. Trump on ABORTION at the debates! Here is what he should say to abortion::: If a woman chooses to kill her baby that is between her and the Lord. I have no control over what they do with the there decision and the current laws that are in place] A reply like this will destroy her completely. Also he should address the firearm ammunition issue!!!

HereComestheJOKES! says:


HereComestheJOKES! says:

Trump should write jokes for the upcoming destruction that will be hillary clinton

A joke whenever she coughs, or head spazzes, or falls down
"I guess we didnt fall for that one!" ;DDD

Cisco Oliver says:

someone should shut down her twitter that shit make me gag.

Antonio Allen says:

did you say chip in his brain, duck that

gowdaflow says:

Yes, I can't wait till he pulverizes this witch demon!

Frosty Gaming says:

I hope hillary gets all weird and winded on Live Television in front of EVERYONE, I hope she fucking falls on her ass too possibly, LIVE, for everyone to see how unhealthy she is… God please make this happen.

Courtney says:

I'll be watching with my popcorn. Trump will ruin her. On her main youtube channel, some of her videos get over 100,000 views with a ton of dislikes, and every single comment gets deleted. If she can't even handle criticism online, how do you think she's going to do when she has to go up against Trump? Hah

dylan dsouza says:

when is the debate ?

Bas Koning says:

Moderators are stacked in favor of Clinton: 1+1+2 against 1 possibly for Trump….
When will the rigging stop………..

Katherine Winyala says:

I want to see her die on stage!

Lewis James says:

I wonder what terror attack is going to happen during the debate so that 100 million people can watch it live??

billcharlene1450 says:

Typical politician she is, tell them what they want to hear. We aint falling for it CUNT!!!

xepale says:

yup she will show up, probably had surgery to implant a anti seizure chip (or a couple :P)

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